About Passage

Pas-sage /pasij/ N. The process of moving through or past something on the way from one place to another; a space or path; a section of written work—a paragraph, a verse, a text; a narrow way, allowing access.

Life has changed, in ways we are only beginning to understand. We're all facing uncharted waters, with near lockdown in major cities. How do we navigate these anxious times? The view from our homes is still limited. How do we mentally prepare for—and cope with—the conditions of daily life over the next several months?

We look to artists and poets as active change agents. How do we ensure that their voices are heard and their visions are a mindful presence on the front lines?

In response to the pandemic crisis, we are publishing an online magazine, Passage, as a forum for insights, dialogues and connections. The aim is inclusiveness, as well as far-reaching impact, through truth and transparency.

What are the artists seeing, experiencing and thinking about? All of us are caught up in a prophetic moment.

We are grateful to the artists and poets from Texas and across the country, as well as around the world, who have made Passage possible. Their contributions—stories, dispatches, essays, poems, video and art—sustain us with rich aesthetic and intellectual challenges.

In a time of social distancing and isolation (and paranoid suspicion), how will we renegotiate our daily passage with one another? Will the social structure hold? Is this the end of Globalization? The borders are closed despite a virus that has no borders.

How do we continue our outlets for creative expression? What gives us determination, perseverance, vision? Where are we headed? How can artists help others in these uncertain times? How do we quickly adapt to this paradigm shift?

Art feeds our humanity, defining who we are and stirring our souls. Art enables us to bear witness, but also cross visible and imaginary boundaries.

Let's keep a presence out there.


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Editorial staff

Kirk Hopper: Publisher
Susie Kalil: Editor
Natasha Price: Assistant Editor
Jeff Walker: Designer

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Passage is an online journal of independent opinions published as a service to the art communities. The ideas expressed are solely the opinions of the artists and writers themselves. The content of the published articles is the responsibility and copyright of the authors.