Everybody's Fiddlin'

Laura Fain: So much of your work is already about health and what a person chooses to eat or not eat. This virus came from a wet market in China.

Forrest Prince: Well, actually I sent you the YouTube video of Dr. Thomas Cowan, who believes the virus is being caused by the Internet.

LF: You mean exacerbated by the Internet?

FP: It's worldwide. It didn't just happen. The only thing that's everywhere is the Internet. Everybody needs to purify their bodies so they won't be susceptible.

LF: You mean in the sense that by purifying our bodies we're building up our immune systems?

FP: Right. By not eating, you know—they all trash out. They get sick and die. We're not supposed to get sick and die.

LF: But you use the Internet, which is part of the electromagnetic field that now "blankets" the earth. Isn't that a paradox?

FP: Looks like it for a while until I get the word out and until I can find a place in the woods with fresh fruit.

LF: It sounds like you would rather live off the grid. What are your thoughts about art being able to break through some of the fear and anxiety right now?

FP: That's a lofty goal for the miserable situation art is in.

LF: What do you mean?

FP: I mean they make meaningless bullshit.

LF: Do you think that's true for the majority of art ? Are there artists you admire?

FP: There are a few artists—Ai Wei Wei is fighting to bring democracy to his country, but he needs to get past that. He's got a lot of nerve, though, going up against the government. Robert Redford, Greta Thunberg, LINK TV and Amy Goodman are good sources for truth about our sorry government, the environment and human rights. But generally, everybody's fiddlin' and not doing much of anything.

LF: So in a way, saying "fiddlin'" is kind of like the band playing while the Titanic goes down. And that brings up another question: Will art be left behind because of this pandemic, or is it our future?

FP: Yeah, it has a future. The artists will start waking up.

LF: Now that you've read information about the Internet, does that change what you think will happen to us as a people, our future and in terms of our ascension?

FP: Things are going to be getting worse, like the birth pains of a woman. Slowly but surely, some people will start waking up now because of this. You know if they were healthy, they wouldn't be getting the virus. Their bodies would be able to reject it. If artists start changing themselves, then their art will change. The purer you become the more you'll be given messages of change. The only hope for this world is complete Spiritual Awakening.

Laura Fain is a Houston-based collector.